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Investigating the possible use of echolocation in Northern short-tailed shrews

By Valerie Eddington Early in the fall semester of 2020 Maggie Gleason asked if I would help checking live animal traps in the nature area on campus at sunrise a few days a week to help her with data collection... Continue Reading →

Bat crew assembled

By Maggie Gleason My college graduation took place at my home in Columbus, Ohio. Like many seniors all over the world, I saddened that the four years of hard work ended this way. I like to think of myself as... Continue Reading →

Thermal changes of bats in flight

Bon giorno!  Hello everyone! As a new member of the Kloepper Laboratory, I thought I’d introduce myself and give background on my role in the lab. I was studying abroad in Rome this semester until the novel COVID-19 virus outbreak... Continue Reading →

How do you track a bat? Combining physics and computer science to investigate bat flight

  By Alexandria Weesner Like many people, I went through middle school and high school with an intense dislike for math. I didn’t like doing it, I found it boring and difficult, and I wasn’t very good at it. So... Continue Reading →

Second Chances

By Morgan Kinniry If we have crossed paths in any capacity over the past calendar year, then you probably know that last summer I was an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Kloepper’s summer field trip to the bat caves in... Continue Reading →

To The Bat Cave!

by Lily Zusi Wow! We arrived in Truth or Consequences only three days ago, and I hardly know where to begin. We left South Bend at 4:00am on the 30th, and after a full day of driving we spent the... Continue Reading →

Another field season is underway!

By Dr. Kloepper Another field season is underway! We left the road at 4am on May 30 from Saint Mary's with a rental Suburban full of field gear and positive attitudes. This year we had a full car--Kate and Lilly... Continue Reading →

Dusty, Sweaty, Happy

By Kate McGowan The Belle Bats successfully completed our second full day in the field! During our first two days, we prepped and sorted equipment, created game plans for data collection this summer, built two pretty awesome bird blinds, and... Continue Reading →

One More Day!

By Kate McGowan Almost two years ago, while sitting in an English classroom, my attention was drawn to a fellow student when I overheard her say “bat cave road trip.” I began actively eavesdropping on her conversation and learned that... Continue Reading →

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