IMG-2558Bon giorno! 

Hello everyone! As a new member of the Kloepper Laboratory, I thought I’d introduce myself and give background on my role in the lab. I was studying abroad in Rome this semester until the novel COVID-19 virus outbreak resulted in my return to the United States. Currently like many other students, I am both studying and researching from home. I am in the process of putting together a literature review about the thermal changes of Brazilian Free Tailed Bats while in flight. This is a great and currently relevant topic because it is true the bats harbor many viruses while maintaining good health. Currently scientists understand that bats have an increased body temperature in comparison to humans, however, it is unknown how the bats cohabit with many viruses that make humans sick. One hypothesis is that their increased body temperature may have an important role. Additionally it is important to keep in mind that bats fly just as often as we humans walk. Hopefully, by gaining a greater understanding of thermal conditions of the bats while they fly we will be one step closer to gaining insight on how they cohabit with many viruses threatening the livelihood of humans. Stay posted for some more insights about our project by checking in with our Kloepper Laboratory blog! 

A presto!