The Kloepper Lab

of Bioacoustics and Animal Behavior at Saint Mary's College


June 2018

Second Chances

By Morgan Kinniry If we have crossed paths in any capacity over the past calendar year, then you probably know that last summer I was an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Kloepper’s summer field trip to the bat caves in... Continue Reading →

To The Bat Cave!

by Lily Zusi Wow! We arrived in Truth or Consequences only three days ago, and I hardly know where to begin. We left South Bend at 4:00am on the 30th, and after a full day of driving we spent the... Continue Reading →

Another field season is underway!

By Dr. Kloepper Another field season is underway! We left the road at 4am on May 30 from Saint Mary's with a rental Suburban full of field gear and positive attitudes. This year we had a full car--Kate and Lilly... Continue Reading →

Dusty, Sweaty, Happy

By Kate McGowan The Belle Bats successfully completed our second full day in the field! During our first two days, we prepped and sorted equipment, created game plans for data collection this summer, built two pretty awesome bird blinds, and... Continue Reading →

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