The Kloepper Lab

of Bioacoustics and Animal Behavior at Saint Mary's College


May 2017

Sunday Funday

By Morgan Kinniry After over a week of working hard in the field, Dr. Kloepper decided that the research team deserved a day off. Because it was Sunday, we all headed into town for a day of fun activities that... Continue Reading →

First Week on the Ranch

By Morgan Kinniry In the week that we have been at the field site, so many things have happened and I have had the opportunity for so many new experiences. The beautiful New Mexican scenery blew me away when we... Continue Reading →

Somewhere Over the Steel Yard

By Morgan Kinniry Today was the inaugural day of the BelleBats summer research project! Dr. Kloepper, Felix and I met at the BatMobile at 4AM South Bend time to get a head start on our long journey. We wanted to... Continue Reading →

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