Written by Cassi Mardis

Terry and Bettie are the names of two wonderful people. The last cave we were at, we had the luxury of meeting these two fine souls. They welcomed us strangers into their bunkhouse while we were researching at the Davis cave. They had no idea who we were or if we were friendly or not, but they welcomed us with open arms. 

This bunkhouse was the cutest and homiest we have been in. There were 3 bunk beds, a regular bed, couch, table, kitchen and a bathroom. The bathroom looked like a spa! It even had air conditioning. We each claimed our beds and soon after we met Shep! Shep was the cutest dog and him and Kaipo did very well together! He waited for us every night so we could love on him. 

Back to Terry and Bettie! I can’t explain how amazing they were to us. They cooked us a homecooked meal in their own home and we had great conversation. They invited us to see their ranch, so Terry gave us a beautiful tour of their ranch and we even got to meet their longhorn, Rio! He is the prettiest longhorn. Terry mentioned that Rio has some of the longest horns. We got to feed him some treats with precaution because he swings his horns around (got Dr. K in the hip). He was precious though. Afterwards we got invited back into their beautiful home and had some more fun conversation and had some delicious watermelon

Terry and Bettie are like grandparents to us. They were so welcoming and loving. They invited us to their home back in San Antonio when we’re at bracken to swim, nap, do laundry, whatever we needed or wanted to do. I can honestly say it was hard to leave them. In that short time they became our family.

So one last thank you to Terry and Bettie for your wonderful hospitality!