Written by: Steph Dreessen

First, I would like to thank Terry and Bettie Green for their wonderful hospitality and generosity while we were at our last cave site.

They spoiled us! We are now tent camping at Dos Rios campground. We have no shower, therefore dry shampoo has been used! Thankfully, our campsite is right next to the river so everyday Cassi and I take at least 4 swims while taking a break from data analysis. This is to give ourselves a mental break and to cool down from the heat. We have great timing when camping, as the heat index rose to at least 110 degrees everyday. 

We also do not have any electrical hookup, so our Goal Zero power bank has been saving our butts! We charge it everyday with a solar panel, and use a lot of the energy everyday while doing our data analysis as well. We’re located in Mason, Texas for this cave site, and headed into town for a day to work in the air conditioning and keep our computers happy šŸ™‚ . 

I would also like to say how much I appreciate air conditioning, and to say thank you to my parents for supplying it in the humidity of Indiana. While out in the heat, Cassi and I take multiple swims everyday as I mentioned earlier to make up for the lack of air conditioning. I always get a kick out of listening to Cassi, and Cassi always kicks a rock. She always kicks a rock with her right big toe, to be exact. Not only am I a good friend and laugh first then ask if she’s okay second, but I also laugh until I cry. She is currently suffering from a broken toe nail and some swelling, but the prognosis is good in the long run.

Enjoying the emergence at James-River batcave.

When we aren’t swimming or analyzing the data, we continue to eat our canned meals and collect data at the bat caves. We have a cooler and we are being spoiled in the sense of having CHOCOLATE. It’s always the little things in life that get you through each day. 

At this particular bat cave, we met Dr. Gary McCracken, who Cassi and I have referenced multiple times in our presentations thus far. We were both ecstatic to meet him and of course we got our picture with him. Again, it’s the little things.