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of Bioacoustics and Animal Behavior at Saint Mary's College


July 2016

Our mini vacation

Written by Cassi Mardis We only have 7 days until we see our families! After spending an amazing few days with our host family, whom of which were absolutely wonderful to us, we headed to Colorado for yet another few... Continue Reading →

Why Saint Mary’s?

Written by: Steph Dreessen Saint Mary's has provided some once in a lifetime opportunities for me, as well as other fortunate students. I cannot express the gratitude enough for these opportunities. The most prevelant would have to be this research... Continue Reading →

That gentlemen, is how Belles change a flat tire

Written by All of us! Last night started out as a typical night at the cave. We had a great emergence, got great data, and headed back home early excited for the possibility of watching a movie. That all suddenly... Continue Reading →

Where has the time gone?

Written by: Steph Dreessen It's only been six weeks. Only six weeks of data collection, analysis, fun times, frustrating situations, and unforgettable adventures.  The data collection is basically a habit for us now, we know what equipment goes where, when... Continue Reading →

Terry and BettieĀ 

Written by Cassi Mardis Terry and Bettie are the names of two wonderful people. The last cave we were at, we had the luxury of meeting these two fine souls. They welcomed us strangers into their bunkhouse while we were... Continue Reading →

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Written by Dr. Kloepper Well, here we are, the last night at Cave #2 in Texas Hill Country. Cave #1 was the Davis Blowout Cave, and Cave #2 was the Eckert James River Cave. So far, our time in Texas... Continue Reading →

It’s the little things

Written by: Steph Dreessen First, I would like to thank Terry and Bettie Green for their wonderful hospitality and generosity while we were at our last cave site. They spoiled us! We are now tent camping at Dos Rios campground.... Continue Reading →

When things don’t go according to plan…

Written by Dr. Kloepper To say I am a planner is an extreme understatement. I have lists and spreadsheets for everything. For this trip, I made sure we had lists for lists, every detail of every cave location mapped out,... Continue Reading →

Carlsbad Caverns

Written by: Steph Dreessen Have you ever wondered what it is like to be behind the scenes during a bat emergence at Carsbad Caverns? Well, It takes a lot of patience and the ability to stay quite for a few... Continue Reading →

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