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June 2016

1, 2, 3…

RATTLESNAKES!  Written by:Steph Dreessen We were lucky enough to see three rattlesnakes one day during our data collection. So what did we do when we spotted them? Well Cassi and I hollered and Dr.Kloepper casually states "Oh hey, there's one!" ... Continue Reading →

There Is No Darkness Like Cave Darkness

Written by Steph Dreessen: Coming to the end of our stay at our first cave location, it’s crazy how many experiences I have had. First of all, driving farther west than Chicago, Illinois, only to set out tomorrow morning towards... Continue Reading →

Eye of the storm

Written by: Steph Dreessen Last week, we were camping in Alabaster state park when we were conducting researching at Selman cave. The weather was conditioning us four for what lies ahead in New Mexico, meaning the temperature was never below... Continue Reading →

Our night off!

Written by Cassi Mardis We left Oklahoma at promptly 8 am after we finished packing up our tents. It was a 7 hour drive, but turned into 8 due to the stops for coffee and the restroom. On the way... Continue Reading →

Day 10 and finding our routine

Written by Dr. Kloepper Today marks the start of day 10 of our trip---just 46 more days to go! We are now near the tiny town of Freedom, Oklahoma, camping at Alabaster Caverns and driving to the Selman Bat Cave... Continue Reading →

The Bunkhouse Life!

Written by Cassi Mardis At the cave in Kansas we have the luxury of staying inside of a bunkhouse. It has one bedroom, cement floors, tables and chairs, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The cement floors are surprisingly nice because... Continue Reading →

No, We’re Not Nocturnal

Written by: Steph Dreessen So, what do we do when we aren’t researching or collecting data? This question has been brought to our attention by many, and before the trip my most common answer was “I really don’t know.” Well... Continue Reading →

3 days into the bat journey!

Written by Cassi Mardis We left early Wednesday morning and had a solid 14-hour drive. In every state we tried to take a picture of our mascot with the “welcome to” sign. I was up front for Missouri. We crossed... Continue Reading →

A lot of First’s on the First Day!

Written by: Steph Dreessen It’s dark, buggy, quiet, and serene. We’re in the middle of nowhere, yet somewhere along the Kansas and Oklahoma border. We’ve been waiting for the bats to emerge for about 30 minutes, when we finally see... Continue Reading →

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