The Kloepper Lab

of Bioacoustics and Animal Behavior at Saint Mary's College


April 2016

Digging Deeper “with an orange shovel” into Preparation

Written by Cassi Mardis Our journey begins in a short 42 days. As each day passes I get a little more nervous, scared, and extremely excited. We meet once a week for roughly 3 hours and work with our equipment.... Continue Reading →

47 Days until we leave!

Written by Stephanie Dreessen As I’m sitting on my futon, reflecting back on the beginning of this semester, I realized it’s amazing how much you learn in 4 short months. At the beginning of the semester, Dr. Kloepper asked Cassi... Continue Reading →

Project Prep Begins!

Written by Dr. Kloepper It's hard to believe that in less than two months we hit the road for our summer field season. This semester has quickly flown by! We have a daily reminder of our upcoming trip, however, because... Continue Reading →

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